We go to Greater Lengths in Sustainable Plastics Management

As a market leader, Integrated Packaging is also committed to dealing with plastic in environmentally appropriate ways.

Integrated Packaging Group is a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant for sustainable packaging. In Australia the list of signatories to the covenant includes Nestle, Coca Cola Amatil, O-I Glass Packaging, Murray Goulburn and Lion Nathan. These are all significant customers of IPG.

Of particular importance to the covenant is to conserve resources through better design and production processes and we have made committments to reduce the amount of packaging used.

Advanced technology thin films such as those using the IPG patented Altex™ process is one significant solution. Altex™ is a globally unique cold orientation process applicable to a large proportion of flexible films, not only stretch films. It is different from all other stretching processes and is not available to other film manufacturers except licensees. Thinner films lower the volume of plastic required to carry out its function compared to conventional films.

Integrated Recycling

Integrated Recycling is the latest member of the Integrated Packaging Group. Utilising Integrated Recycling’s patented technology, waste no longer means landfill. IR’s technology enables the group to recycle agricultural and other polyethylene based plastics into a range of timber, concrete and steel substitute products.

IPG has already converted one way wood pallets and paper cores to recycled post consumer plastic eliminating the need for excess timber pallets and cardboard.

In addition, IPG is currently engaged in a CRC for Polymers research program aimed at the broader use of degradable films across all applications and aims to commercialise products in the industrial and agricultural sectors using this new technology.

At Integrated Packaging, we encourage our customers to participate with us in our recycling programs to minimise and reduce the amount of plastic entering the waste stream.

In 2011 IPG joined the PACIA Sustainability Leadership Program and currently have representation on the PACIA Plastics Council.

Talk to us now to find out how to convert your business to utilise less plastic and recycle more waste into useable, wood replacement products.

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