Semi & Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machines


im320 – Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

You’ve seen it’s little brother “The im310”… Now introducing the value added im320 with its fully loaded features and options.From its easy-load powered pre-stretch film carriage, selectable wrapping cycles and easy to use control panel, this machine has the lot and more. And just like its little brother, with a stylish sturdy new column including all its safety features and a standard wrapping height of 2200mm, with a maximum turntable speed of 15rpm.

• Up to 30 loads per hour
Ideal For
• Replacing labour intensive hand wrapping & improving productivity
• High value performance in load containment

Suitable for any stretch film • Local service and support • OH&S friendly
• Environmentally friendly – less film used • User friendly • Highest quality wrap with least amount of plastic • Service reminder alarm • 12 month warranty parts & labour

• Suitable for 50mm & 76mm film cores
• 240 VAC (10A) power supply
• 80mm turntable height
• 2000kg turntable capacity
• 2200mm standard wrap height
• Turntable speed up to 15rpm
• AC variable speed drives
• PLC controlled
• Touch panel with screen
• Variable Carriage Speed
• Photo eye sensor detects product height automatically
• Selectable Wrap Cycles (Full wrap – Light wrap- Top sheet- Reinforce- Load position)
• Safety crush prevention device fitted to film carriage
• Cycle counter counts the number of pallets wrapped (Includes service alarm)
• Top and bottom wraps adjustable (1 to 9)
• 500mm powered pre-stretch (Adjustable film tension control)
• Forklift transportable
• Standard 12 month warranty
• Extended column
(2600mm wrap height)
• Standard low profile ramp
(1500mm x 1330mm )
• Extended low profile ramp
(1500mm x 2050mm )
• Extra extended low profile ramp
(1500mm x 2800mm)
• Weigh scales (non trade approved)
• Top Platen (electric motor driven)
• Black eye PE (to detect black or dark products)
• Low profile heavy duty turntable option 3000Kg
• High profile heavy duty turntable option 2000Kg
• Extended base for pallets
(for 2400mm x 1200mm products/ pallets)

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