Semi & Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machines


im310 – Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

The im310 has been upgraded to include relocation of the carriage motor and gearbox to the base of the mast, new slimline electrical cabinet, stretch head motor relocated above the stretch head to eliminate a pinch point, a service reminder alarm and extra wrapping cycles for greater wrapping flexibility.

We have kept all the great features and added a little more speed, along with a new style column to our New im310….. this entry level semi-automatic pallet wrapper has a stylish and sturdy new column including all its safety features and a standard wrapping height of 2200mm, with a maximum turntable speed of 15rpm.

• Up to 30 loads per hour

Ideal For
• Replacing labour intensive hand wrapping & improving productivity
• High value performance in load containment

• Suitable for any stretch film • Local service and support • OH&S friendly
• Environmentally friendly – less film used • User friendly • Highest quality wrap with least amount of plastic • Service reminder alarm • Standard 12 month warranty
(parts & labour)

• Suitable for 50mm & 76mm film cores
• 240 VAC (10A) power supply
• 80mm turntable height
• 2000kg turntable capacity
• 2200mm standard wrap height
• Turntable speed up to 15rpm
• AC variable speed drives
• PLC controlled
• Push buttons
• Variable Carriage Speeds
• Photo eye sensor detects product height automatically
• Selectable cycles (Full wrap – Light wrap – Top sheet)
• Safety crush prevention device fitted to film carriage
• Cycle counter counts the number of pallets wrapped (Includes service alarm)
• Top and bottom wraps adjustable (1, 2 or 3)
• 500mm friction brake (Adjustable film tension control)
• Forklift transportable
• Standard 12 month warranty
• Extended column
(2600mm wrap height)
• Standard low profile ramp
(1500mm x 1330mm)
• Extended low profile ramp
(1500mm x 2050mm)
• Extra extended low profile ramp
(1500mm x2800mm)
• Weigh scales (non trade approved)
• Top Platen (electric motor driven)
• Black eye PE (to detect black or dark products)
• Low profile heavy duty turntable option 3000Kg
• High profile heavy duty turntable option 2000Kg
• Extended base for pallets
(for 2400mm x 1200mm products/pallets)

Download im310 Brochure

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