Semi & Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machines

Our fully automatic and semi-automatic machines can be tailored to meet your company’s needs. With a range that includes the latest models designed in Australia by our own engineers, our equipment is uniquely suited to local requirements.

Understanding local conditions

The performance of polyethylene films vary with changes in temperature – while Australian businesses operate in a wide variety of conditions, from high temperature to freezing. Integrated Packaging has an in-depth knowledge of product and machinery capabilities in all conditions, from initial packaging through to transportation.

Choosing the machinery for your needs

Our standard configurations come with the flexibility to cover the needs of most businesses. To find out just how far our capabilities stretch, speak to one of our experts about creating a dependable packaging solution with Integrated Packaging machines.

Customised machinery for a comprehensive packaging solution

While our stretch film machines are perfect for many businesses as they are, Integrated Packaging is able customise machinery to suit your individual needs.

From wet work, to static electricity suppression, we’re experienced in a wide range of environments, and can configure a setup for you. Whether that means adjusting to a restricted floor space, variable workflows, or unconventional product dimensions – including oversized objects that need wrapping – our staff can customise a packaging solution to meet your requirements.