Industrial Packaging Solutions

Pre-stretch Film

Ex-Cell Hand & Machine Film

Stretched under controlled conditions, this LLDPE film has proven to produce better results for your business. Ex-Cell’s light rolls, easy stretch properties and walk forward wrapping technique reduce OH&S issues. It also uses less film, producing less waste saving costs and the environment. You’ll improve load stability and efficiency as the tough Ex-Cell wraps securely and needs fewer roll changes.


Maxi Blown – Hand film

The latest addition to the Maxi family, Maxi Blown is the ultimate in blown pre-stretch technology. With the market’s lightest weight rolls for safe and easy handling you get the maximum number of pallets wrapped from each roll.

Maxi Blown provides ultra wrap strength from a 7 micron blown film. It delivers maximum load holding while using the least amount of stretch film – a major environmental initiative in our drive to reduce the amount of plastic packaging.

The unique rewinding system allows cushioning air between the layers of film which results in a super soft roll. The benefit is that the rolls resist damage when dropped or handled roughly. No more throwing out damaged rolls which results in big savings.


Maxi Extra & Maxi Super – Hand Film

Maxi is is an economical pre-stretch 3 layer cast stretch film. It unitises and palletises cargo with better stretch and high load retention and puncture resistance. Maxi saves on packaging costs, resists damage when dropped and takes the strain out of hand pallet wrapping.