Industrial Packaging Solutions

Blown Film

IPEX Gold – High Volume Machine Film

IPEX Gold combines the best properties of blown and cast film in the one product. Using only the highest quality resins combined with specialist manufacturing techniques enables a thinner film to be produced that retains and also improves upon major strength properties of conventional blown film.


IPEX & JACKWRAP® Hand & Machine Film

Blown grade film offers very high puncture resistance, particularly useful when wrapping items that have have sharp edges or uneven loads. Our blown films are manufactured to achieve strong and safe pallet unitisation and are available in our Ipex and Jackwrap brands.


Maxi Lite

The latest addition to the Maxi family, Maxi Lite is the ultimate in blown pre-stretch technology.  With the market’s lightest weight rolls for safe and easy handling. Maxi Lite ensures you get the maximum number of pallets wrapped from each roll.

Maxi Lite provides ultra wrap strength from a 7 micron blown film. It delivers maximum load holding while using the least amount of stretch film – a major environmental initiative in our drive to reduce the amount of plastic packaging.

The unique rewinding system allows cushioning air between the layers of film which results in a super soft roll. The benefit is that the rolls resist damage when dropped or handled roughly. No more throwing out damaged rolls which results in big savings.