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Mulch Film

Our mulch films serve a number of different application requirements. Black mulch films assist in the control of weed growth, white mulch films reflect sunlight and clear mulch films encourage early plant development. Mulch films can be tailor made to suit your requirements for width, length, thickness and colour.

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Red Dirt with Mulch

Conventional Mulch Film


Features & Benefits

• Superior opacity/block out properties
• High quality resins
• Very good puncture resistance
• Even colour distribution
• Resists exposure to UV

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Mulch Film photo

Pre-Stretched Mulch Film

X-Pect Plus

Features & Benefits

• High performance UV inhibitor
• Maximum meterage per roll
• Bed hugging technology
• High quality resin construction
• Superior film longevity and chemical resistance
• Excellent puncture resistance
• Lowers application downtime and costs
• Reduced film billowing

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White trial brackleys (Edited)