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SIL-ALL4 X 4 + FVA ®, a premium silage inoculant, is manufactured and researched by Lallemand, a global leader in animal nutrition.

Features & Benefits

• One million bacteria (CFU) per gram of silage
• Four strains of bacteria for rapid pH drop
• Four Enzymes to support fermentation Benefits:
• Enhance feed value
• Easy to apply
• Liquid or granular application
• Available in granular, soluble and hay formulations

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SilAll Hay

Si-All Hay, is specifically designed for the preservation of baled Hay. It is applied to hay as it’s pressed to prevent the growth of micro-organisms such as mould, yeast and bacteria.

Its unique formulation results in maintaining feed value and quality enabling Hay to be baled at higher moisture levels, providing safety against combustion.

Features & Benefits

• Reduces yeast and mould growth (immediate effect)
• Highly soluble
• Non-corrosive
• Equally effective on 25% MC to 12% MC
• Equally effective on all hay types

Sil-All Hay Product Flyer

SilAll - Hay