Agricultural & Horticultual Products

Horticultural Twine

We stock a range of Donaghys natural and synthetic twines and lashings for use in horticultural and gardening applications. Natural lashings are made from untreated sisal which is biodegradable and will decompose in compost.

Synthetic lashings are light in weight with a relatively high stretch and breaking load. From light synthetic twines for smaller crops to stronger lashings for applications our Donaghys twines provide an option to suit any grower or gardener.

All synthetic twines are UV stabilised for use in New Zealand and Australian conditions.

Banana Twine

Designed with the grower in mind, our range of Donaghy’s banana twines are available in a range of sizes and colours. A strong synthetic twine designed to tie and support banana trees. Utilised for all banana growing applications.

Features & Benefits

• Available in a range of colours
• Optimum tensile strength
• 3500 metre bale
• Securely supports banana trees
• Allows for age identication of bananas
• Efficient and cost effective

Banana Twine