Integrated Recycling: The acquisition of Cosset and our rebranding process

Posted February 20, 2017
Integrated Recycling has acquired Cosset.

As the most sustainability-focused arm of the Integrated Packaging Group (IPG), Integrated Recycling is always looking for new ways to expand its engineering of recycled plastics. The company recently acquired Cosset – a South Australia-based distributor of recycled plastic products.

Incorporating Cosset into the IPG family is an exciting process for several reasons, and will involve a rebranding that will bring all of the different products together under a common identity. 

The integration has been very positively received by the marketplace and by customers.

Why Cosset?

What were the main factors that brought Cosset and Integrated Recycling together? There are three:

  • The opportunity to offer a wider range of products to the existing IR and Cosset customer base;
  • The synergies gained by incorporating Cosset's products into Mildura's production, particularly the outdoor furniture;
  • The expansion of IR's sales team to better service existing and new customers.

Integrated Recycling's national sales office in Adelaide was created from the acquisition of Adroit Industries in 2014. This allows the company to immediately expand operations, extending services to a broader range of customers. Importantly, Cosset's product line also compliments IR's existing catalogue, making it possible to offer an even wider range of recycled and repurposed materials and solutions. 

For Cosset, it was also a question of manufacturing capability and growth opportunity. Integrated Recycling General Manager Stephen Webster describes these factors as the primary reasons for the acquisition, and the process of combining the two operations is already well underway. 

"We've now merged the two sales offices together. They did a little bit of manufacturing at their facility in the Adelaide Hills, which has been moved to our Mildura facility, and we've set up a new combined office in Adelaide," said Stephen. "The indications after three months are that the integration has been very positively received by the marketplace and by customers, with staff managing the transition particularly well." 

We've merged the Adelaide offices of Integrated Recycling and Cosset. The Adelaide offices of Integrated Recycling and Cosset have merged.

Introducing: The new Integrated Recycling

At the moment, Cosset and Integrated Recycling still have separate websites, but over the next few months there will be a rebranding as the two are merged under the umbrella of Integrated Recycling. This will make it much easier for customers to browse the entire range of products, and will place the focus firmly on each line of recycled solutions. These include: 

  • DuraComp: A high-quality architectural decking and batton range distributed by Cosset. These products are lightweight and strong – ideally suited for commercial and residential decking applications – and outdoor furniture. 
  • Envire: Integrated Recycling's composite recycled plastic range. Made in our Mildura facility, it is engineered for use in landscaping and industrial products.

IR is involved in the development, design and supply of composite railway sleepers.

IR will now be able to cover more bases for its customers and provide precisely engineered solutions for every situation. As Stephen puts it:

"The next six months are particularly exciting. On the integration side we'll have the new website all set up and the business humming, and the sales trajectory – if it continues in the way that it has – will lead to really positive results for the financial year."

Aside from the rebranding, there are plenty of other big projects underway, including some very interesting developments in the world of rail. These are happening in Victoria and Queensland, where IR is involved in the development, design and supply of recycled composite sleepers. Long term, industrial work like this will help IR to continue growing and represent both the Integrated Packaging Group and Australia on the world stage as a stand-out performer in the realm of sustainability. 

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