February 2016

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Safe Hand Wrapping Hints

February 8, 2016

Hand Wrapping your pallet with Excell or Maxi Pre Stretched Films At Integrated Packaging we aim to make our films as user friendly as possible. We’ve even specifically developed Excell and Maxi lightweight, high performance film with outstanding OH&S benefits. However one of the most beneficial ways to improve efficiency, safety and the effectiveness of...

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Sil-All conquers moisture

February 5, 2016

“We inspected high moisture hay bales that been treated with our new Sil-All Hay preservative”. Results were excellent and we could see no visible moulds or yeasts on hay that had been on the ground for 10 days with several showers of heavy rain. I tested the bales with an infra-red camera and was pleased...

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Forrage preservation – It’s all in the mix

February 4, 2016

Forage preservation The method of forage preservation is dependent on the amount of moisture present in the forage. Wet forage preservation (silage) is achieved by the bacterial conversion of forage moisture and sugar into lactic and acetic acid. The lactic acid drops the pH of the silage, and, in combination with the air free environment...

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