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Silage Films


Arguably, the world’s most respected silage baling film, SilaWRAP comes with a 12-month guarantee against UV degradation, features high UV stabilization and provides an airtight and weather – proof shield, when used according to instructions. Features of SilaWRAP include: extra high tack levels, consistent roll performance, premium quality resins and international quality standards.

Available in:
Green/Black/White 750mm x 1500m x 25μm
Green/Black 500mm x 1500m x 25μm
Green 750mm x 1250m x 30μm
Also available in other sizes



Premium quality silage wrapping film, SilaWRAP PLUS and EnduroWRAP use the latest advances in our patented pre-stretch technology to help you achieve greater wrapping efficiencies. SilaWRAP Plus offers an added benefit as it requires no gear change from conventional film.

Available in:
SilaWRAP PLUS Green 730mm x 2300m x 16μm @ 55% stretch ratio.


SilaTAPE – Silage Tape

SilaTAPE silage repair tape can be used for repairing accidental tears and punctures caused during application. Can be applied directly on to silage wraps, silage tubes,
grain bags, pit covers and mulch films. Available in Green 96mm x 25m or 30m.