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Baler Twine

SilaTWINE – Super Long, Super Strong

Our super-strength quality twine products are available in a variety of cost effective baling options, suitable for round, small square and big square bales. Designed for superior high knot strength to maximise bale weight and compression, SilaTWINE is perfect as a standalone application product, or can be used to secure bales/silage before wrapping with SilaWRAP stretch film. The Silatwine range is suitable for various bale types, round, small and big squares. Premium synthetic twines for optimum performance for all applications.

Square-Bales (Edited)

Round Bale Twine

Available in:
Big Blue
2 x 19,685 feet Spools / Pack – Tensile strength @ 110lbs minimum


Big Square Twine

Available in:
Don 440 (Terracotta)
2 x 4,265 ft Spools / Pack – Avg. 440lbs knot strength

Don 480 (Orange)
2 x 4,000 ft Spools / Pack – Avg. 480lbs knot strength

Ezy Run
460 2 x 4,000 ft Spools / Pack – Avg. 460 lbs know strength

Top Knot (Blue)
2 x 3,608 ft Spools / Pack – Avg. 520lbs knot strength

SilaTWINE BT EXTRA (Yellow or Blue)
2 x 4,183 ft Spools / Pack – Avg. 505lbs knot strength